> $ What is Breadcrumb Studios?

Breadcrumb is a new breed of Business Process Outsourcing. Specialising in the technology industry, we provide high-end digital expertise and resources to our clients based in the United Kingdom, USA, UAE, Ghana, Indonesia and South Africa.

Our focus is to take care of the end to end digital experience for our clients and save them costs along the way (this includes hiring and training new individuals, if needed).

> $ What does Breadcrumb do?

Our packaged services consist of:



Digital & Creative Implementation

We integrate with any sized team and strategise around quarterly objectives to make sure we execute business goals to perfection. In essence, we become our clients’ digital department, ready to stand by their side in any digital endeavour.

> $ What does a package consist of?

On average, our packages consist of:

> $ What does this cost?

Roughly, the cost of two senior developers in the UK.

> $ How can you get in touch?

Contact our Business Development team on studio@breadcrumb.io to setup a Google Hangout or Skype chat.

> $ Things that excite us in the tech space?

Fintech, crowdfunding and cyptocurrency.